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Anaconda Add-Ons for Academic Use

Anaconda User Licenses for Academics

At Continuum, we want students and educators to have access to the best Python tools available in order to pursue their research. Anaconda, available at no charge, provides a simple and flexible installer for all the basic packages needed to work with datasets of all shapes and sizes in Python. For those needing more, we offer additional add-ons such as Accelerate and IOPro as paid-for products.

If you are an academic at a degree-granting institution, all of these add-ons are free of charge. Simply click Anaconda Academic License and fill out the form. If your email address ends in .edu or is in our list of approved academic institutions, the license will be automatically sent to the provided email.

We are happy to be able to provide academics with free products. However, if you are able to purchase Accelerate and IOPro, we always appreciate the support. Your financial support helps Continuum, a growing startup, to improve the quality of Python scientific computing for the community.

Please help us improve the quality of our tools. Report feature requests, bugs, and feedback to